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Where will I work?

The goal is to keep Schaefer and AMR employees in the areas they currently work, unless they would like to work in other parts of our coverage area. The final determination for placement will be based on seniority.

How much does Care Ambulance pay?

Care Ambulance offers competitive wages and is dependent on experience. Our EMTs start at $41,600/year on a 24 hour car. We pay for all hours worked, including 24 hour shifts. You will be paid 24 hours on a 24 hour shift; there is no “downtime exemption”. We also pay for all meal periods.

What type of benefits does Care Ambulance offer?

Care Ambulance offers an excellent benefits package to both you and your family. We offer medical, dental and vision as well as a generous 401k program. You will be eligible for benefits on your date of hire and your benefits will take effect on the first of the month after you start.

What type of shifts does Care Ambulance offer?

We offer 10, and 24 hour shifts. Our 24 hour shifts work on a 3 platoon rotation. We have traditional 24 hour schedules, modified rotations and fixed days. There are also many special event shifts that are staffed to participate in community events, football games, Ducks hockey games and training exercises.